Stone Backsplash

The right type of tiling and stone tile will lend an exquisite look to your home. The concept of home renovation has become a priority for homeowners to spend for their homes and property. They lay new tiles, paint their homes, and purchase new furniture and fixtures. Stone backsplash is something that changes a traditional and contemporary home into a sophisticated living space.

Stone Backsplash

Stone Backsplash Styles

The countertops as well as the most stunning cabinets can fall completely flat if the space that exists between them is bare. Thus, a stone backsplash is a complementary and elegant product that takes care of that bare empty space. Stone backsplash generally have two kinds, the natural ones and the manufactured ones with each having their own separate characteristics. The weight, durability, wall surface, installation process are the factors which have to be considered before choosing your stone backsplash.

Main Types of Stone Backsplash

Natural Stone Backsplash

Also known as stacked stone, it is an ideal choice if you are not on a tight budget and not on a do-it-yourself mode. It is quite heavy and requires assistance to fix up. Before this type of stone backsplash installation, extra care must be taken into account that the walls are ready to take on the weight load. At times, the simultaneous installation of wall casings, special footings, underlayment or even wall ties are required to support the natural stone backsplash weight.

Manufactured Stone Backsplash

For the stone backsplash in the kitchen, the manufactured ones that are produced using cement and aggregate stone are an ideal option. This is comparatively lightweight. No special wall pepping needs to be done prior to its installation. The manufactured stone backsplash comes in the dimensions of 6 inches by 24 inches panels and are not very thick, as they are hardly 2 inches. They also have ends that are interlocking which provides the individual with the stacked stone and staggered look. Some are made with glass and other types of materials that can mimic natural stones.

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