Cultured Stone Backsplash

Backsplashes are commonly used in the kitchen as well as other areas in the home such as your bathroom and around the fireplace. In case you are considering a rock fireplace in your brand new home construction, there are 2 fundamental routes to take when considering stone backsplash selection. You can choose either natural stone or perhaps cultured stone backsplash.

Cultured Stone Backsplash Styles

Cultured Stone BacksplashThough natural stone has been around for a long time, it is typically more expensive, heavier, and more complicated to use and install than cultured stone backsplash. Natural rock alternatives tend to provide a variety of rock types: Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate and also Travertine, these tend to be the typical options. On the other hand, cultured rock backsplash items can be constructed to emulate numerous types of stone surfaces. They are typically much more vibrant and can also be more durable than actual rock items for fireplace projects.

Cultured stone backsplash is built utilizing stone aggregates, dyes and other lightweight cement. They are obtainable in numerous types, textures, and many types of colors. They are intended to emulate many all-natural stones, including granite, river heavy metal, limestone, etc. Most manufacturers provide 55 year guarantees against breaking and other deteriorations.

Cultured Stone Backsplash Fireplace

Cultured Stone Backsplash FireplaceAlongside traditional stone, a fireplace is masonry block built and the traditional rock is then attached to it. Designing a masonry block fireplace construction is necessary to support the extra weight of the stone. This translates into significantly higher construction costs for a natural rock fireplace.

With cultured rock veneers or cultured rock backsplash, the mortar as well as rock could be connected straight to the masonry block walls of a fireplace, but in many instances a masonry block surface fireplace is not needed. Stone veneers or backsplashes can easily be attached directly to lower price, zero-clearance fireplace surfaces. Zero-clearance fireplaces tend to be far less expensive to put together than traditional masonry block built fireplaces. Typically zero-clearance fireplaces are constructed by framing in a steel chimney flue alongside standard wood studding material, e.g. 2x4s. The fireplace frame is then sheathed with plywood.

Due to its light body weight, cultured stone veneers or cultured stone backsplash can be directly installed to these timber surfaces connected with zero-clearance fireplaces. All that it needs is a steel lath to first connect itself to the wood surface. Then a slim scratch coating of mortar is applied to complete it. When the mortar is dried, the faux rock veneers or cultured stone backsplash will be connected on securely.

Cultured Stone Backsplash Benefits

Aside from direct installation, due to its light weight and varieties, the expense of applying slim faux rock veneers or cultured rock backsplash is a lot cheaper than real stone. With actual traditional rock, each stone has to be worked, perhaps cut, and fitted into place. This takes significant time and craftsmanship, which translates into a lot higher construction costs.

Another price saving positive aspect of cultured stone backsplash is their transportation fees. Again, due to their light body weight the fees connected with transportation from the maker to the jobsite are much lower than transportation of natural rock.

Lastly, cultured stone backsplash is beneficial due to its availability in a variety of forms and dimensions; a lot more intricate rock fireplace designs can be implemented.

However, faux stone veneers or cultured stone backsplash are far more wetness absorbent and when chipped, the surface will no longer be smooth and even. A way to prevent this is that it will require additional care and moderate upkeep. In addition, precision is needed during installation to prevent repeating patterns when installing the product.

Otherwise, cultured stone is a great alternative to purely natural traditional stone. It looks and feels similar to actual stone, and allows stunning rock fireplaces to be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional stone. It can also be a great alternative for other areas around the home as well such as the kitchen countertop and bathroom areas.

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