Faux Rock Backsplash

Faux Stone BacksplashAs the times go by, homeowners have become more precise and detailed in picking and renovating their homes. The home not only reflects the higher standard of living we now enjoy, but also your specific taste and personality, whether if it is indoors or outdoors, and to call that place home. Whether if one is a builder, re-modeler, architect or homeowner, he or she would like to craft or perhaps furnish their home according to their personal taste, preferences, as well as budget.

Many homeowners are now turning towards rock element decor due to its traditional, durable and classical look that it offers. Because of this, faux stone backsplash have become extremely popular due to its demand since it is comparatively cheaper and also less-labor intensive to install compared to natural rock. In addition, it is light weight enough that it can be applied to any exterior or indoor applications.

Faux Rock Backsplash Applications

For example faux stone backsplash can be used for faux stone sliding, faux stonewall, fireplaces, re-facing or faux stone facade, altogether it creates a attractive and elegant appearance to the home. The greatest element and function of faux rock is that it resembles natural rock. Due to its low upkeep and low maintenance, individuals are whirling towards creating faux stone fireplaces and other projects inside their home. Through its popular demand, these faux rocks have been manufactured into a variety of different colors, shapes and textures. Thus, with these advancements, faux rock backsplash has been utilized in the following indoor and outdoor installations:

Faux Stone FacadeFaux Stone Siding: Due to its robustness as well as durability, people choose to install faux stone backsplash siding for the exterior and interior parts of their home. Whether it covers a small or large area, it will guarantee a visually appealing space.

With many types of faux stone to choose from, it will certainly accommodate and work well with the style of your home.


Faux Stone FireplaceFaux Stone Fireplace: Creating and building a brand new fireplace for the home is considered the toughest task because it requires professionals and it is quite expensive. However, faux stone can provide an alternative to natural rock fireplaces. Compared to natural rock, faux stone fireplaces are much cheaper and more flexible in the design.

Additionally, if one is tired of seeing his or her existing fireplace, they can always go for faux stone re-facing. This is a process to change and replace the current stone with new faux stone. Installation is easy and quick as faux stone is lightweight. In some cases, it can be directly installed overlapping the existing stones. For those that want a fresh new look in their all-to-familiar fireplace, this is definitely a great consideration.


Faux Stone Siding

Faux Stone Facade: One can also increase their home’s outdoor beauty by installing faux rock facade. This can give a perfect blend of elegance and luxury to the exterior as well as interior of the home.

Faux stone backsplash is great in being able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions including wind, cold, moisture, sunlight and the rise/drop of the temperature. Because of these qualities, faux stone backsplashes are manufactured to be durable, leading to its popularity among homeowners.

Faux Rock Backsplash Summary

It is evident that faux rock is arguably the best available alternative to 100 % natural stone. It not only guarantees to maintain its fresh appearance and structure but it is also flexible in terms of installation and design. Cost-effective as well, these faux rock backsplashes can be molded into any sort of feel, size, color or contour to your liking. With its unique characteristics, faux rock backsplash are able to be used to create more elaborate styles and structures.

With it, new rock veneer designs and custom faux stone backsplash designs can be created and put to life. It gives the homeowner a chance to have their particular rock fireplaces at an economical price. Faux rock backsplash has revolutionized the way we remodel and renovate our homes.

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