Installing a Backsplash

Installing a backsplash requires a good amount of knowledge, and although it is mostly advisable to go for a professional to carry out such an installation, it is possible to install backsplash on your own too. In this article, we briefly discuss the steps required to install kitchen backsplash.

Preparations for Installing a Backsplash

Backsplash InstallationBefore you begin the actual installation process, there are a few steps you need to take care of. First of all, be sure to clean the area well, including the countertops and the walls. After that, collect the materials and tools required for the installation process.

For instance, be sure to have a grout bag, and also, get sponges and tile cleaners. Make it a point to measure the area of the backsplash well, and buy the required number of tiles based on the height and width measured. Also, note that it helps to buy about 10 percent extra tiles to consider the possibility of wastes.

Simple Steps For Installing a Backsplash

First of all, cut the tiles in the right sizes. Make sure that you wear protective gears while making the cuts, like ear protector and eye protector. Then, first begin the process with the tile in the middle. That is, the part of your backsplash which is going to be visible the most should be installed at first. Slowly, make your way to the other sides. Be careful to set the tiles properly, using the right angles. Installing a backsplash correctly is all about the correct angles.

What to do after installation?

Installing a BacksplashHaving set the tiles in proper places, and allowing some time to dry, make sure to clean the surface. Use a sponge wet with water to clean the surface of the tiles very gently and properly. When this step of the process seems to be finished, do not touch the tiles again for at least 12 hours. Give the grout time to dry. In case there seem to be haze left on grout, you can clean using a cheese-cloth within 3 hours. In case such haze persists, you can allow 72 hours to pass, and then use haze remover to finally get rid of the issue.

Installing a backsplash is not the easiest of the do-it-yourself tasks, but if you are certain that you are not going to hire a professional, make sure that you plan things properly. Also, remember not to rush, because you do not want to end up with a backsplash that only disappoints you later.

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