Self Adhesive Backsplash

An attractively installed kitchen backsplash can make your guests love your kitchen instantly. That said, the traditional process of installing a backsplash is not really all that fun at all, requiring messy mortars and grouts. Therefore, we take a look at an alternative way – self adhesive backsplash, in this article.

Self Adhesive Backsplash Benefits

Self Adhesive BacksplashWhy to use self adhesive backsplash?

The main reason for going for a self adhesive variety of tiles is convenience. There is no need to follow a strict step-by-step installation process when you use such tiles. No cementing is required, and there is no requirement for using grouts or mortars. Everything seems just so easy when the tiles can be just peeled and attached to the walls. Moreover, most such tiles can be used above a layer of ceramic tiles as well.

What are the varieties you can get?

Self adhesive backsplash tiles come in all sorts of designs and colors. Most such tiles have a thickness of only 2mm, and that makes such tiles easy to install anywhere. You can get textured varieties, and there are simple plain types too. Moreover, different patterns are also seen on such tiles. Many of these tiles are totally heat resistant, along with being water resistant. Although these tiles are quite new in the market, still, the quality of materials used is generally very good.

Self Adhesive Backsplash Disadvantages

Limitations of self adhesive backsplash tiles

Vinyl Self Adhesive BacksplashThe main problem with these tiles is the problem of durability. While most people are happy using these tiles, there are some who report that the adhesive part is just not good enough, and the tiles tend to get separated from the wall due to the low strength of the adhesive provided. That is not good news at all! Moreover, the finish of traditional tiles cannot be expected from this type of tiles. These are good for using as coverings, but when it comes to actual work, these cannot really compete with traditional strong and reliable ways of doing things.

The thing about self adhesive tiles is that such tiles are quite easy to use or install. In case all you want is a sleek attractive look, then there should be no reason to stay away from these tiles. However, in case you want something really durable and strong, then perhaps self adhesive varieties are better avoided for the time being, at least till the manufacturers get enough experience to make such tiles truly outstanding and reliable when it comes to long-term performance!

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