Solid Glass Backsplash

There are many ways and methods to install a kitchen backsplash, and one of the rarely used materials for backsplash is glass. Although not many people use glass as backsplash, the idea is both intriguing and exciting. Those who have used such a method, however, report to be very happy with the results. Therefore, we discuss the basics of using solid glass backsplash in this article.

Solid Glass Backsplash Provides Beauty and Variants

Solid Glass BacksplashThe main thing that makes solid glass extremely attractive as a material for kitchen backsplash is the shiny nature of glass. Anybody who likes glass is bound to get the eye-catching shine of a solid glass charming around the kitchen area, and that is the exact reason why more and more people are opting for solid glass backsplash panels these days. Although ceramic tiles, copper and certain other materials work really well as kitchen backsplash, glass is on a level of its own.

Mostly, solid glass backsplash is available as simple see-through glass, but that does not mean that you will not get variations at all. In case you want to match the glass color with the rest of the colors in your kitchen, be sure to instruct the installers to paint the back panel of the glass. Tinted glass is very popular as a backsplash material. When you use tinted glass, not only glass panels shine, but also do so by complimenting the surroundings very well.

Installing Solid Glass Backsplash

Green Solid Glass BacksplashOne aspect that gives many people headache while trying to install a glass panel as backsplash is the brittle nature of glass! Due to its nature, glass is prone to damage, and so any installer needs to be extra careful while installing glass backsplash. In addition to that, it is not always a very good idea to use your bare hands to hold the panels while installing, and instead, use of a suction cup is strongly recommended. While making different holes, it is vital to use silicone seals to prevent any debris from filling the back part of the glass too.

The best thing, perhaps, about using glass as backsplash panel is the ease of cleaning. There is no need to pull your hair out trying to keep the panels clean, and with minimal effort, everything can be kept shining. All things considered, glass backsplash can be a really good choice for modern homes, although most contemporary or antique settings may not blend too well with the style.

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