Stacked Stone Backsplash

Stacked stone backsplash is one of the many ways to enhance the beauty of your home. This process requires skilled techniques to execute the installation properly. These types of materials can be setup in every component of the home like walls, bathroom, living places, or kitchens. Aside from the appeal of natural rock, stack stone backsplashes and products are durable and very long lasting.

It is a unique three-dimensional veneer composed of cut stone pieces. These come attached to a backing and are installed in modules like tile. You can find these panels in most garden supply stores and tile showrooms, with prices ranging from $10-40 per square foot. All in all, it will depend on the size of your project.

Stacked Stone Backsplash Installation

Stacked Stone BacksplashTo pull this off, the stone cladding method is used and is utilized by many designers to add vibrancy on to a rather uninteresting structure. Makers stack these rocks to recreate nature’s all-natural stone walls seen in waterfalls and also cliffs.

Stack stone cladding may seem like a very complex structure because of the time it takes to install. The stacked stone are either replicas (faux rocks) or natural ones which are quarried into numerous forms and dimensions. Care must be taking to ensure that the sizes are cut and shaped according to fit. The staggered look is what makes stack stone backsplash so special.

Stacked Stone Backsplash Ideas

Installing Stacked Stone BacksplashThe following examples are a few ideas on where to add a touch of coziness to your house through rock cladding.

Kitchen – Stacked stone backsplash are a luxurious addition to any kitchen. When considering backsplash ideas, it’s important to note proximity to heat sources in your kitchen. Stacked stone backsplash will provide a more natural look compared to tile and basic stone backsplash because of its jagged edges and unevenness. This creates the whole natural rocky effect.

The fireplace – The fireplace is a desired spot particularly during cold weather conditions. Bricks are a common fireplace material however stack stone design is a good alternative. Use dry rock in differing thickness and simple shades to mimic a natural mountain ambience. You can also step back into the past with a fireplace that utilizes quarry stones in polygonal type setups. The stacked stones may bring a new sense of warmth during the course of the year.

Mini-Waterfalls – Listening to the sound of water, the natural sounds of it are known to enhance relaxation. Thus, consider installing waterfalls inside the garden, patio, or for the more ambitious, perhaps even in the bathroom. For a contemporary modern feel, decorate a traditional surface with stacked rocks. The water must be flowing close to the stones as much as possible; the effect is to amplify the sound of running water. The smooth flowing sounds will provide a calming environment.

Nature enthusiasts can create a stack rock pond alongside waterfalls. Pond walls can be built using dry-stacked rocks. The waterfall pedestal can be created with stacked rocks that are layered into different levels. A blend of actual as well as simulated stones can be used.

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